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You are different – everything we do is all about you!

We don’t do ‘one size’ fits all. We only provide customised solutions.


The only thing you may have in common with others is that you either have a nest egg of anywhere between $250,000 and $10 million, or that’s what you want and are willing to take action to get it.

Generally, to achieve financial independence you need a plan. This can be tailored for specific needs such as combining multiple superannuation funds, setting up income insurance or more usually a comprehensive plan.

Your overall personal and business needs are examined in all areas that relate to both, ‘risk and reward’.

Independent research and our professional judgement will lead to advice about financial products such as insurance policies, investments, superannuation / pensions and mortgages, if required.

You can have access to 100’s of investment, superannuation, insurance and bank products on our menu.

Our task is to make sure you don’t waste money or time on any financial issue when we know we can help you.

Telephone Blue Chip – your trusted advisers on (02) 8188 0148(02) 8188 0148 or email us at info@bluechipwealth.com.au

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