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Having the correct insurance policy would have helped my family

Having the correct insurance policy would have helped my family

Each year many Australian families are affected by an injury or serious illness, or worse still, an untimely death. During these unexpected events our first thoughts are on the emotional impact these events have on our family and friends.

However, the financial impacts can be equally devastating.

To help you understand the importance of having insurance to protect you and your family I’d like to share my personal story.

At age 33 my wife detected a small lump in her breast. To our utter dismay, after an exploratory procedure and whilst still in a hospital bed, we were informed that she had breast cancer.

Following consultation with various doctors and specialists, we had offers to remove both breasts (as a precaution), lumpectomy, one breast removed, chemotherapy, radiology and many alternative therapies.

At worst we were informed she would have two years to live.

We took some of those options and rented flat closer to the hospital where daily treatment was taking place; we did this while still paying a home mortgage might I add.

We didn’t have to sell our home or car but we came close.

I postponed my early years of building a financial planning business to take up corporate employment to bring in a consistent income and allow time to be with my wife. Family members rallied around to provide support.

We were lucky and have been blessed with many, many years together than was predicted, with no recurrence.

If only…

If only we had taken out trauma insurance for my wife, we would have received approximately $100,000 tax free to buy time, ease the financial burden and ease her stress so she could concentrate only on recovery.

The financial, employment, business and family stress that was created during this time cannot be overstated.

When I talk to my clients about the subject of trauma or critical conditions insurance, I talk from experience as a front-row spectator, as well as someone who has had the good fortune as an insurance agent delivering insurance claim cheques to affected families.

Insurance is about having the right amount of money at the right time in the right hands!

Please consider.

We don’t do what we do for the thank you at the end. We do what we do because we want to help you protect the ones you love.

To find out how we can help call us today on (02) 8188 0148 or click here and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to assist.

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