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In 2011, I crossed paths with Graham via an unrelated phone call. As it happened, I was in the market for insurance (being recently married) and so it was great timing.

I’m generally quite sceptical when it comes to insurances or investments, and would consider myself a low risk taker. After some friendly persistence from Graham, my wife and I agreed to take out insurance covering all angles, including losing a job, disability and death. We also decided to invest some of our super into shares.
We found the process quite easy and straightforward, which helped. Graham explained everything clearly and showed us potential growth in our investments, as well as what our insurance policies covered, if anything should happen.

Being young, just married and generally very healthy, we didn’t think much about using our insurance cover, but still went for a good one. As life happens, late last year my family (we now have a toddler) and I were shocked when I was diagnosed with cancer. Aside from all the run-around that has to be done when you get such news, it doesn’t exactly leave much time or energy to deal with insurance companies.

The day after my diagnosis, I went to see Graham. Again, he made it as simple as can be for me. I had to fill in just one form, get all the required documents from the doctors and literally two weeks later, I was amazed to see a tax-free lump sum of just over $100k in my bank account.

To be honest, I, being the sceptical type, was expecting the insurance company to give me a hard time. But the reality was only the opposite, thanks to Graham’s early convincing and me placing trust in his knowledge, our financial situation has improved a lot, at a time when we need it most.

Client AV

From our very first meeting with Graham, we knew we were in good hands. Graham has showed us how we can achieve our financial goals and plan for our retirement whilst still enjoying the years in between. He has worked with us to design a strategy that is right for our family. Importantly, he has included us as part of the process, respecting our views, incorporating our ideas and challenging us to think about new strategies. We feel more secure about our future knowing we have the right protections in place and an investment strategy that will make our money work for us. The best thing we did was coming to see Graham and doing so whilst we are in our 30s with time to plan for the future.

Client CD

I would like to express my gratitude for your support during a very frightening time for me. Before I had my operation I became concerned that my wife would not be able to handle untangling some of my financial structure should the worst happen. This was a real concern for me as the risks associated with my operation and medical condition were high. As you are now aware I quickly decided to document and prepare financially. I wish to express my deepest thanks to you for reacting so quickly, sitting by my hospital bedside and enacting all the various documentation and options that I needed to plan for. As I have handled all the financial side of my marriage, my wife would have struggled badly without your support and advice on the way forward. I was unable to research and decide on direction, so trusted you totally in the advice you gave. Graham, you will never understand the pressure you took off me at a time when I was preparing for the worst. You are a very sound financial advisor with a great heart in understanding my personal situation.


Firstly, thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday and for spending such a mammoth amount of time to get my affairs in order.

After our meeting I felt so relieved that my finances were going to be planned in such a way that was both flexible, and workable. But most importantly, you took the time to make sure that I fully understood the plan, and that I was totally comfortable with it. So thank you, it was a huge relief for me to know that I now have a firm financial direction.

Client BP

Now that I’m retired I would like to thank you and your staff for the help and guidance provided to me in placing my financial matters in order so that I can now enjoy this time in my life.

The professional and expert way in which your organisation set up my finances has provided me with a sense of security and confidence in the immediate and long term health of my investments. I would also like to compliment you on the personal way in which my business with you has been conducted. This was an additional factor in assisting to remove the stress associated in securing my future.

I look forward to a long and productive association with your company.

Client RM

Thank you for suggesting and encouraging Russell and I to take out Trauma Medical Insurance when we purchased our home.

With the high cost of living and the ever-increasing interest rates, there isn’t much money. Paying medical and life insurance unfortunately a priority at times. However, my husband and I are thanking our lucky starts that we had this policy and persevered with the premiums because this money will go a long way in assisting his recovery. It also means that we can continue with our mortgage repayments and not lose our home.

Since my husband’s illness, friends who have also fallen ill, unfortunately only had injury insurance.

I would also like to mention that the insurance company handled the claim with professionalism and a compassionate approach. They were extremely efficient and prompt, and settled the claim in a matter of weeks.

Thanks once again.

Client G&RW

I can’t express my thanks for all your support and more specifically your work on this insurance payout. I always put a positive front on, but believe me it’s the support from people like the team at Blue Chip Wealth Management who really care and make it all happen.

The last 6 months have been the most difficult in my life for me to manage, however it is now coming together on many fronts. Being told today that there are no more surgery options available was a major blow so your notification that the insurance company has accepted my claim has sweetened the day. I must admit it brought a tear to my eyes.”


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